Kick Pedals for Electronic Drums: Which Ones Do You Need?

By Editorial Team •  Updated: 01/01/23 •  5 min read
Kick pedals for electronic drums. Which ones do you need?

All of us need to use kick drum pedals to play bass drums, but did you know that there are several different types? Whether you’re playing acoustic or electronic drums, the features your pedal offers will heavily affect your playing style.

Not all pedals cater to your taste though, so you may end up buying a $500 one that you actually start hating. That’s why it’s so important to know everything before getting one.

Here’s a quick guide to give you an overview of the basics.

Acoustic vs Electronic Kick Pedals

The same kick drum pedals can be used for both acoustic and electronic kits. The only time a different pedal gets used is when an e-kit has a controller pedal. Those always come included with the kits that feature them.

Controller pedals feel awful, though, so I highly recommend getting an electronic kit with a bass drum pad.

Buying a kick drum pedal for an electronic kit will also be an investment for an acoustic kit if you ever get one.

Types of Kick Pedals

Here are the different types of pedals that you get. They all perform slightly differently depending on their design.

Chain Drive

Chain-driven pedals have the beater connected to the pedal via a single or double chain. They’re the most common types of pedals, and I find dual-chain pedals to always feel a lot stabler when playing.

Direct Drive

Direct-driven pedals have a solid piece of metal connecting the beater and pedal. They react a lot quicker to your strokes, allowing you to get more speed. However, I can’t mention a single direct-drive pedal that isn’t expensive.

Belt Drive

Belt-driven pedals have a material strap connecting the beater and pedal. They feel a lot lighter, making them easier to play for some drummers. They’re just not as durable as the previous two types.

Double Pedals

Double pedals have two beaters and pedals, and they can have the design of any of the previously mentioned drive types. They allow you to play quick patterns using both of your legs.

Beater Material

You get various beater materials on different pedals, but I always think it’s best to get rubber beaters. You should get a pedal with this beater material if you can help it.

Felt is the most common material, but it wears down on mesh bass drum pads.

Finding The Perfect Kick Pedal: Final Thoughts

If you were to ask us which kick pedal to get for your electronic drums, then the one with a dual-chain and rubber beater is what we recommend getting. It’s perfect for accurate triggering and playing responses. And they’re also affordable, reliable, and durable.

Still, it’s always a good idea that you go to your local music store and try out a few kick pedals to see which one you enjoy playing with.

One last thing to note. Kick pedals don’t come included with most mid to high-end electronic drum kits, so don’t be surprised if you can’t find one inside the box it came with. They do, however, come with beginner kits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use any kick pedal on electronic drums?

Yes, any kick pedal will work on electronic drums that have a dedicated kick drum pad or tower. If the drums have a kick pedal controller, that will be used as the kick pedal instead of a real one.

Can you use any double bass pedal with electronic drums?

Yes, as long as the electronic kit you’re playing was released within the past decades. All modern electronic kits with kick pads offer space for two beaters.

Is a mesh kick pad better than a rubber one?

A mesh pad feels more natural to play on, and you can adjust the screws to change its tension. Rubber pads have more rebound, making them feel a bit less authentic.

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