About Gear Talk

At GearTalk.com we take music, making music, and the equipment used to make music, seriously. We are a small, diverse team of musicians, composers, technicians, and users of a deep, wide array of music-making technology. We share our joy of making music and our love of the gear needed and wanted, as long-time giggers and private, at-home players. Above all, we share our enjoyment of and excitement for all things music gear with our readers.

Gear Talk was started as a resource for readers looking for insight and information, the facts, some history, experience, and maybe just a little bit of opinion, about a large variety of music-making hardware, from vintage classics to today’s cutting-edge digital gadgetry. We strive to provide a filler- and fluff-free diet of high factual and experienced based caloric content, while not losing sight of the fundamental reason we all so adore the music and the gear, the fun of it all. If nothing else, the stuff we use to do this stuff should make us happy, and we would like to share that happiness with our readers.

From guitar and bass, amplifiers and effects, and the accessories to go with them, to the amazing world of gear available to today’s percussionists, and a myriad assortment of bits and baubles between, we got this. Whether you seek a guide to the basics, to satisfy historical curiosity, tips and tricks from the pros on getting the most out of your instrument, or a real-world use-based review, we want to be a part of the knowledge journey that our readers are traveling.

Let us know how we are doing. Reader satisfaction is our goal, our top priority. The next best thing after our gear is talking about our gear, and we’d like to have contented, informed listeners. The best articles are the ones that help our readers, and you are the best at letting us know how best we can do that.